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Listen to my interview with Zhiwan Cheung of Seeing Color Podcast!

Hey! You! I hope that you reading this is home, safe, sound, and healthy. I also hope that you have about 45 minutes to listen to me talk with Zhiwan Cheung for his podcast, Seeing Color! We talked about an array of stuff. But it was mostly about my career, school, being black and traveling in Europe, and my recent stint with SLEEP NO MORE (NYC)... bascially everything I did as an adult in training before we needed to isolate at home.


"Many people told me I had to talk with Joy-Marie, so I reached out and we had a zoom session in the midst of this pandemic, both of us holed up in our homes. Before everything shut down in the US, Joy-Marie was part of Sleep No More, an immersive theater experience retelling Shakespeare’s Macbeth, which we talk about in-depth, along with Joy-Marie’s experiences in Europe, her many collaborations, and thinking about the exotification of black culture." -Zhiwan Cheung

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