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Feminist Latina Dance Making: An Interview with Marlen Puello

Originally published for on November 3, 2022.

Photography by Jeremias Vizcaino

Even though the dance world is filled with women and gender non-conforming folks, cisgender men still make up the majority of leadership positions. Consequently, I rarely hear the stories of folks who bear the brunt of marginalization. So, when I first learned about Marlen Puello’s work, I appreciated her directorial and choreographic voice.

Recently presented in this year’s digital Fringe Festival, her latest film, Homo Femina, is a demonstration of gendered violence against women. I chatted with Puello about her background, what led her to choreography and direction, the process of making a dance film with long time collaborator Magalí Baratini, and our mutual love for Ana Mendieta.

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