2020-21 Reel 

Featured Work

Animal Flow

Full List of Works or Trailers in order of appearance:

sym. by Staycee Pearl Dance Project & Soy Sos

LINKt by Joy-Marie Thompson & Sherah Shipman

sol. by Staycee Pearl Dance Project & Soy Sos

TONGUE TIED SHREWS by Joy-Marie Thompson & Sherah Shipman

LUX by Doug Varone (for SUNY Purchase Dance Company)

BODIES/DISPOSAL by Joy-Marie Thompson & Dancers

JUST AS MUCH AS I LOVE YOU by Joy-Marie Thompson & Dancers

joy and the white girls by Joy-Marie Thompson & Dancers

Black Aliens by Joy-Marie Thompson & Dancers

Death of the Spirit by Joy-Marie Thompson

LIBERATION [in progress] by Sidra Bell with Joy-Marie Thompson

Black Beasts by Carly Heywood with Joy-Marie Thompson

List of Past and Present Collaborators 

Alan Libert, Damond Garner, Cherish Morgan, Auset Fullard, Carly Heywood, Casey Brooks, Victoria Sendra, Sherah Shipman, Desmond Confoy, Dava Huesca, Rakeem Hardy, Solange Rodrigues, Kar'mel A.W. Small, Carmen Cage, Erik Osterkil, Faith Mondesire, Maleek A. Joseph, Nathan Crewe-Kluge, Quaba V. Ernest, Thuy Wyckoff, Cemiyon Barber, Symara Johnson, Sadie Powers