Classes & Community

I teach classes for beginners who are not experienced with ground movement as well as classes for the intermediate mover who has years of movement history in their toolbox. 

I always give modifications and am always aware of ability differences. 

Regardless of the differences, my class focuses on the person’s awareness of their internal landscapes with the hope to inspire physical awareness and advocacy for their bodies.

According to the Official Animal Flow© website, "Animal Flow is ground based movement, made fun, challenging and effective. This system is designed to improve strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and coordination for all levels of fitness enthusiasts…”


What kind of classes do you offer: group and/or privates?

Currently, I am only offering private sessions.​

How Much Is Class?

How much is class? Class is offered on a sliding scale basis from $35-80 per hour.

How and where can I pay you?

Venmo: @joymariethompson

When and where does class take place?

Considering COVID-19 safety precautions, ​class will be conducted online on Zoom or outdoors with masks in the event that both parties are vaccinated. The time and day will depend on our schedules.

How do I get the Zoom info?

Here it is! Please do not share with others: Meeting ID: 915 9469 6462 Passcode: 52DS13

I can't afford class, but I want to support and learn!

There are many resources available to take free ANIMAL FLOW Classes, especially on Youtube. I also make a commitment to share my movement practice and findings on social media which you are free to use for inspiration. You can support by sharing/liking my posts, telling a friend about my classes, giving feedback, and/or subscribing to my newsletter for future updates.

Can you record the class for my personal use?

Unfortunately, even as a certified instructor, I do not have access to provide live streamed classes.

What are my access needs to take this class?*

Taking this class will require you to have access to the following: Access to the Internet. Access to the app Zoom either on your phone or computer. Comfortable clothes that you can move your body in. Enough space in your house/apartment/etc that allows you to lay down in an X *If you have any other access needs, please email me at contact [at]

Any other information that I need to know?

Classes will be conducted in English. Shoes are not necessary, but you can wear sneakers A mat is not necessary, but you can use one. Knee pads are not necessary, but you can use them. Movement modifications will be given. Show up with an open mind and be ready to sweat!